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Your donation will help us continue our mission.

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RISE UP is about people coming together and transforming not only a piece of art, but themselves and our community. As a non-profit group, the RISE UP team has been organizing since early 2017, planning, meeting, and connecting with diverse groups across the country to create a program tailored to Central Wisconsin.

- Catalyze positive changes in the community
- Improve the physical environment
- Create opportunities for social connectedness
- Develop skills to enhance resilience and recovery
- Promote community and social inclusion

We work closely with communities to uplift public art as an expression of community resilience and a vehicle of community and personal healing. The journey that every RISE UP participant is on is unique and very personal. Participants are able to gain confidence, feel supported, and form new bonds and friendships — not just with individual people but with their whole community. RISE UP also strives to consistently engage approximately 30 individuals receiving behavioral health and social services in weekly art workshops and a final public art piece. Each project takes approximately 9–12 months from the initial Engage phase to the Create phase and ultimately to the Generate phase.